Courses Offered

This is the list of courses offered at this time. All are taught at the Brushbeater training site in central NC, but I do travel to teach these courses as well. If you have a group and/or have space and it would be easier for you to have me travel to you please email me ( and we can work something out.
Starting 2022 all travel classes are $100 more per person than NC classes.

TCCC: $400
This class covers the basics of Tactical Combat Casualty Care and how they relate to a partisan/survivalist environment.

Topics covered:
*Why TCCC is important
*How to treat battlefield/trauma wounds
*What interventions should you get
*How to pack an IFAK
*How to make things to practice with

Everything is provided for the class, if there is something specific you want to try out, feel free to bring it to class.

Partisan Life Saver: $500
Three day course that is the next step up from the TCCC course. The TCCC course is not a pre req for this. Covers everything that is covered in the basic course, but goes more in depth on the subject. This is a wet course, which means fake blood is used, bring clothing that you don’t mind being potentially stained.

Everyday Crisis Response: $200
This is a single day class that was started at the request of an alumni for their church security group. It still covers the basics of TCCC but this class is focused on “everyday” response.