Webstore is live!

After some finagling and help from a friend, the Stuck Pig Medical webstore is live!

Right now there is only the IFAK on it. I am still working on getting the classes set up on there. It’s giving me some issues on that end. Once I get everything nailed down for the Bleeder Pouch kit (ones that are designed to fit into the bleeder pouch from UW Gear) I will be adding those to the store as well.

IFAK Price increase

In order to cover shippings costs that were higher than I originally thought, the price of the IFAK’s is going up to 85. Just wanted to put it out so you aren’t blind sided when you email me.

Also, I am working on a “bleeder refill” that the contents should fit inside of the Bleeder Pouch that https://uwgearinc.com/ offers. Once I get it from NAR I will let you guys know.

IFAK’s are live!

I have IFAK’s in hand and available for order. I’ll be doing a follow on video about them tomorrow but I wanted to get the info that I have them and they are available for order out first! Price is $80 shipped. Get them while I have them in stock. Email me at mechmedic@tutanota.com to order

The whole package
All the components laid out.

These things are awesome. And I know you guys are going to love them.
Email me to order.
We still have room in upcoming classes, check out my training schedule to see what works for you!

Class Updates

Some changes coming to classes, mostly administrative in nature. The first being a price increase for travel classes. Starting January 2022 there will be a $100 dollar a person increase on travel classes to help offset flight and baggage costs. There will be no price change to classes taught at the regular NC location .

The other change is for PLS Classes. If it is a location that warrants flying, you will have to be able to supply your own Rescue Randy training dummy. It’s a big part of the training curriculum and without one I would feel like it wouldn’t be the same course. There is also a safety issue involved. I will be explaining more in a follow on post about the PLS course specifically.

Slow response

I apologize if I’ve been slow to respond to any emails or posts on the brushbeater forum. I’m currently on a MUCH needed vacation on the western side of our great nation visiting family I haven’t seen in over 6 years. I am still working on getting the Stuck Pig Medical IFAK put together with NAR. I’ll hopefully have one waiting for me when I get home. Once I get one in hand, expect a full video review and a post here. I am trying to avoid pre-orders for them. But if you are really wanting enough of them, email me AFTER I GET THE VIDEO REVIEW UP, and we’ll see what we can work out. Shit costs money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. But these will be something I will be offering at any NC class I teach. If there is enough interest I will have them available for purchase online. But again, be patient. I’m just one guy doing all of this. I can only do so much at one time, and there are only so many hours in one day.

I hope everyone is doing well and God Bless all of you.