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A week ago or so I recorded an episode of Radio Contra with the amazing NCScout of Brushbeater Training and consulting. He’s a very good friend of mine and an amazing instructor on a multitude of topics. I had the good fortune of teaching a TC3 class with him last year and hope to do several more in the future, we’re in the process of working out dates. He brought up having me on his amazing podcast Radio Contra and I happily accepted a chance to talk about anything medical. If you haven’t been listening to Radio Contra you need to start. There is a whole wealth of information shared there. In this episode I talked about battlefield medicine and what should be in an IFAK. I will be making a video about this to clear up some things and to be able to talk more in depth and include some different options for how to carry one. It was an amazing experience to be on his podcast and to talk about these things. And yes, I shamelessly plug myself and this site on the podcast. I’m a red blooded capitalist at heart. But enough chit chat. Go listen to the podcast and especially the episode I’m on. We talk about some good stuff.

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MechMedic is the owner of Stuck Pig Medical and medical instructor for Brushbeater Training and Consulting. After 5 years in the beloved Corps, Mech joined the National Guard where he became a medic. Lifelong survivalist, and overall outdoorsman. When not being a family man, he enjoys good bourbon and good cigars.

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