Quick update

I was busy with my last annual training the past few weeks. It was a hectic and busy few weeks so I apologize if I didn’t get back to you quickly enough.

To answer the most common question I got, I am waiting on another shipment from NAR, once that comes in I will ship out the rest of the orders. I have already gotten the first order in and dropped off quite a few orders at the post office yesterday.

I also updated the webstore to show the stock status of everything. If it says it is in stock, then it is. Backorder is turned on, just keep in mind if it is out of stock and you order it, I don’t have an exact ETA as NAR is feeling the pinch with the supply issues and the conflict in eastern Europe. So please be patient with all of this. I will get you your kits, it just won’t be a next-day turnaround.

I do still have spaces in class this weekend out at Readymade resources! It should be a great time.

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