TC3 Class November 7-8 and some other updates.

It’s been about a week since the last TC3 class. What an amazing class it was. I am constantly updating and improving my curriculum. The students we had ranged from little to no medical training, to some old military medical training, and even a Wilderness First Responder. Quite an age range of the students as well. It’s always heartening to see such impressive young people showing up to classes. From the young man that took charge during the first lane, to the young women who is the head of her church’s medical response team AND is quite the seamstress. I do expect to see some TTM nylon gear here soon. Maybe even hopefully a Stuck Pig Medical IFAK pouch. This was the first class with the TC3 handout. I have already come up with modifications for it and need to rework it. Hopefully I can find a better program than microsoft publisher to put it together on. If anyone has a suggestion then let me know. I also added a new section to the website. A resources section. I tried to put a few useful files and such on there, if you have any suggestions, I put a comments section on the bottom of the resources library, so go ahead and leave them in the comments on that page.

The fellowship Friday and Saturday night were my personal highlights of the class, and always are. Things are getting… weird. Training of ALL kinds is going to be A LOT more important in the next few years. I know I have some holes I need to plug (heh, wound packing puns) with classes. And most of them will be with NC Scout because I trust him and I know he puts out quality information. Expect to see me at a few of his classes and as a student, not an instructor. I am also in the process of putting together a one day trauma medical basics class. This class is more oriented towards church security teams, or anyone interested in learning the absolute basics of trauma care. Also in the pipeline is a 3 or 4 day class. It will more closely resemble a CLS class for anyone who know what that is. But I am trying to do more than just the 2 day TC3 class. Speaking of, we already have the next TC3 class on the training schedule. February 27-28. Sign up at

Onto a different not, I am working on branding. I am in need of someone that does graphic design for a logo. If you or someone you know does graphic design email me at The logo would go on the web page here, on patches, shirts, class handouts, and anything else I decide to slap swag onto.

Hopefully I can get more posts on here in the future, I am trying to put more energy into all of this, but bear with me. Thank you again to those of you that came out to the class, it was a blast to teach all of you.

Don’t get left bleeding out like a stuck pig.

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