Weekend Training event AAR

Had an amazing training event this weekend with an excellent group of strong Christian men. Just wanted to throw up a simple personal AAR to help you learn from my mistakes. First off, I over-packed like a mother fucker. I was trying to take a bunch of medical shit out that I probably didn’t need.Continue reading “Weekend Training event AAR”

The role and responsibilities of a partisan medic

We’ve been having discussions about individual medical capabilities and the role of a partisan lifesaver. Where does the medic fit into all of this? What training should you try to get if that is the role you’ve been placed into? Army Doctrine says the combat medic’s main job is to treat casualties and assist inContinue reading “The role and responsibilities of a partisan medic”

Patreon is now live

I’ve added a new method for class to my repertoire. I have a Patreon account now. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=11731271 There are two tiers available. The first one (Aid & Litter Team) will have access to videos that I will be posting up on a variety of medical preparedness topics. The second tier (Patreon Life Saver) will haveContinue reading “Patreon is now live”

A new year and a look back on the last

2021 has definitely been a very interesting year for a lot of us, myself included. It marks the beginning of this being my full-time job and not just a hobby. I traveled across the country and met great Americans from vast backgrounds. I want to thank each and every one of you that either attendedContinue reading “A new year and a look back on the last”

New class date added to the schedule!

Added a new class date to the schedule. June 18-19. This will be a TCCC course out in Rock Springs, Wyoming with Wyoming Survival. Course fee will be $500. There is camp info onsite for $50 for the whole weekend. That will cover the cost of an outhouse on site. Food will not be provided.Continue reading “New class date added to the schedule!”