Slow response

I apologize if I’ve been slow to respond to any emails or posts on the brushbeater forum. I’m currently on a MUCH needed vacation on the western side of our great nation visiting family I haven’t seen in over 6 years. I am still working on getting the Stuck Pig Medical IFAK put together with NAR. I’ll hopefully have one waiting for me when I get home. Once I get one in hand, expect a full video review and a post here. I am trying to avoid pre-orders for them. But if you are really wanting enough of them, email me AFTER I GET THE VIDEO REVIEW UP, and we’ll see what we can work out. Shit costs money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. But these will be something I will be offering at any NC class I teach. If there is enough interest I will have them available for purchase online. But again, be patient. I’m just one guy doing all of this. I can only do so much at one time, and there are only so many hours in one day.

I hope everyone is doing well and God Bless all of you.

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MechMedic is the owner of Stuck Pig Medical and medical instructor for Brushbeater Training and Consulting. After 5 years in the beloved Corps, Mech joined the National Guard where he became a medic. Lifelong survivalist, and overall outdoorsman. When not being a family man, he enjoys good bourbon and good cigars.

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