Guerrilla Hospital Trauma Sheet

Once I get this thing finalized I’ll do a full write up on it, but I just wanted to show you what I’m working on when I’m not teaching classes and mailing out kits.

North American Rescue Medical Trauma Sheet.

This is stocked for trauma specifically. I wish I had gotten a second one when these were on clearance on NAR. Oh well. You can certainly hack this with a closet door shoe organizer but it won’t be as easily movable.

I’ve got a few more things to add to this, and the storage bin this was in will be used in conjunction to make a one-bed guerilla hospital/clinic. If you wanted to add beds I would just double up on the bins and save the sheet for your “trauma bay”. The bin will be more medical than trauma-focused. This is including common OTCs that I like to keep on hand.

Have you thought about how you would set up a Guerilla Hospital?

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MechMedic is the owner of Stuck Pig Medical and medical instructor for Brushbeater Training and Consulting. After 5 years in the beloved Corps, Mech joined the National Guard where he became a medic. Lifelong survivalist, and overall outdoorsman. When not being a family man, he enjoys good bourbon and good cigars.

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      1. I’ve thankfully never had to use it for more than scrapes and booboos. Best case scenario is that it was “wasted” money.

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