Patreon is now live

I’ve added a new method for class to my repertoire. I have a Patreon account now.

There are two tiers available. The first one (Aid & Litter Team) will have access to videos that I will be posting up on a variety of medical preparedness topics.

The second tier (Patreon Life Saver) will have access to a twice-weekly 1-2 hour long medical live stream class with a Q&A period at the end of the live stream. The live streams will not be recorded, so if you miss out, you miss out. I’ll be posting the class schedule over on the Patreon Account.

There will be tier-specific stickers to show your support included.

This new venture should be a great way for us to get together and learn some really important skills in a new way. The first live stream should be happening next week, I’m thinking Wednesdays, this way they don’t interfere with any of the Green Dragon Academy courses or the Sons Of Liberty podcast. I hope to see you out there.

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MechMedic is the owner of Stuck Pig Medical and medical instructor for Brushbeater Training and Consulting. After 5 years in the beloved Corps, Mech joined the National Guard where he became a medic. Lifelong survivalist, and overall outdoorsman. When not being a family man, he enjoys good bourbon and good cigars.

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